Hello World


I’m back. And boy does it feel good.

 For the past…month…I’ve been sick in bed. It’s slightly humorous actually. I was so incredibly excited about the New Year and had a list of goals. I was ready to go! And then on January 1, I came down with the lovely flu, followed by a wicked cold and cough. And all those goals…well, let’s just say they got kicked to the curb for a while.

 My last 3 weeks have looked something like this…

  • Down as much OJ and Vitamin C as possible.
  • Drag my tired, sick booty to work.
  • Drag my tired, sick booty home.
  • Crawl into bed.
  • Watch Netflix until I fall asleep.
  • Repeat.


After 3 weeks of trying every natural healing technique I could think of or research, I finally decided to give in and go to the doctor. One round of antibiotics later and I’m finally feeling perky enough to join the blogging world once again.

 I’m claiming health for the rest of the year. I think 3 weeks of being sick is enough for one year. Don’t you?


 Stop back by next week for an interesting post…

“How 3 Weeks In Bed Changed My Life”.  Should be interesting!

 Cheers to good health,



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  1. Jim Painter · · Reply

    Lori, I’m sorry you were so sick. I thought you just dropped off the face of the earth. I am glad you re beginning to feel well again. I have begun teaching confirmation classes at the church here in Marietta, and I have joined a very nice Sunday School class. The minister, Randy, recommended this class because his wife is in it. They are very friendly, and easy to talk with. I am very pleasantly surprised at the Confirmation class kids. I have 10 7th grade boys. They are so polite and attentive, I wonder what planet they all came from. The church has an academy going from Kgn to 12th grade attached to it, and I might want to sub teach here. Randy, the Pastor, is a wonderful speaker, and preaches without notes and mesmerizes the congregation. There is all the difference in the world between just going to church on Sunday, and really participating in the life of the church.

    BTW, enjoy the Florida weather, It is cold up here.


  2. Oh Jim, I’m so happy for you. It’s wonderful to hear that you’ve found a supportive church community and gotten back into the classroom. And I am enjoying the warm weather. We spent this morning at the downtown Lakeland farmers market and then walked the lake. Soaking up the sunshine! Keep in touch friend!! :)

  3. Hi Lori, I’m just now catching up on your blog. Defenitevly wishing you good health for the rest of the year!!! Did Josh cook for you while you were sick? Did your natural remedies include hot tea with honey, lemon & whiskey/cognac? Love you, looking fwd to future posts!

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