Ever have one of those weeks where you barely have time to sit down and every day seems more hectic than the day before? Welcome to my week. When life turns hectic, it’s nice to have a quick and healthy snack waiting for you. Enter Hummus. Packed with protein and flavor, hummus serves as a delicious […]


We had a lovely weekend filled with food and good company. On Friday night, Josh and I headed out for Vietnamese. We stopped in at Saigon Bistro, where they have the most divine Tofu Noodle Bowl. After a relaxing dinner, we wandered around downtown Lakeland before picking up a movie and settling in for a […]


A galette is a French pastry that tastes just as delicious as it looks. It is traditionally made with buckwheat or wheat flour and garnished with a variety of toppings, from meat and cheese to fruit and sauces. This galette is a twist on the classic recipe. By making the crust out of almond flour and […]


If you’ve ever spent multiple days (or weeks) sick in bed, you know that boredom can set in pretty quick. I spent the first few days watching reality TV, until the episodes all started to repeat. Then I jumped on the Downton Abby bandwagon and watched the whole first season in 2 days. When TV […]


I’m back. And boy does it feel good.  For the past…month…I’ve been sick in bed. It’s slightly humorous actually. I was so incredibly excited about the New Year and had a list of goals. I was ready to go! And then on January 1, I came down with the lovely flu, followed by a wicked […]


This weekend was restful, which is just what I needed. I ended up coming home from work early on Friday because I still wasn’t feeling well. After spending most of Friday and Saturday in bed, I’m finally feeling a lot better. Fortunately, I did manage to get out of the house a few times and was […]


It’s been one of those weeks. You know, the kind of week where you get the flu and spend the majority of the week in bed. One minute covered in blankets, and the next minute pushing everything onto the floor because your temperature is so out-of-whack. On a positive note, hopefully this means the flu […]


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